It All Comes In Waves

The writing's bad.
The pictures stolen.
The motivation questionable.
But hot damn, you'll come back for more!

Perception Is Reality

A blog seems like a good idea until you realize perception is reality and a public diary loses weight when your honesty is actually masked by the person you’re attempting to consume. Who do you blog for? The person you hope reads it or the person you hope you are? And could be. And seem to be. Unless you blog for yourself and if that were the case would you keep a diary? Do you need a diary because you’re almost coming to terms with the real you, that you are constructing, and could be anyone.

Am I right?

Remember when I became an aunt for this guy? Well I think I’m doing a good job, cause I got promoted. Meet Chloe Natalia Sadicario born 7/13/2001. Bring on the babies!

Embroidery: it isn’t just for your grandma anymore.

Incredible embroidered mattress by Louise Riley

Future Partners: DO NOT READ.

Sometimes cutting corners to save time means cutting down on hygiene. What?! No it hasn’t been a week since I washed my hair or did laundry! What kind of sick person are you?

RADIOLAB. It’s so much more than a radio show.

I remember feeling really alone. But even if you don’t feel alone anymore this is still beautiful and moving.

Know your moon. It fucks with your shit.
New Moon (4th)-subject and self-centered in approach, making your own rules, feeling present, questioning a lot
Crescent Moon (9th)- new ideas and impulses, trying to actualize objectives, create concrete existence, purposeful, aware of challanges
First Quarter (11th)- building new structures for self and society, exert effort to bring new forms of reality, struggle to move forward
Gibbous Moon (14th/TODAY)- trying to accomplish your goals, focused on details and analyzing, quite passion for building and perfecting new forms, unsatisfied with status quo, no hesitation in moving forward, drive for perfection
Full Moon (17th)- aware of effect on others, using clarity (not blind faith), open to input
Disseminating (23rd)- sharing knowledge
Last Quarter (24th)-tearing down old for new, discontent with current social structure and enviroment
Oh. and be careful during Voids of Course (V/C). Those’ll really fuck with your shit.

Mother Nature. I’ve been told we share a resemblance.


Mother Nature. I’ve been told we share a resemblance.

Girl vs. Woman

I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating the differences between girls and women. Especially how ladies identify. If you associate as a woman ask yourself, do I see myself as a woman or a girl? Your answer may surprise you. I feel proud to view myself as a woman. In identifying that way I find myself making different choices and saying less dumb shit. Overall acting like less like a fool. To me a woman is proud of her actions and certain in her decisions. Yea, sometimes I slip back into girldom, I usually have to apologize when I do, but I think that’s part of being a woman.